urban farmers [ur-buhn fahr-mer]-noun:

(1) cultivators of cities, (2) developers of better people, (3) builders of a better tomorrow.

the Metaphor

for us urban farming is a metaphor for real estate development. ufinc cultivates urban communities throughout the united states in partnership with faith-based institutions to develop quality workforce housing.

the landscape

the hood, the other side of town, where dilapidated buildings are abundant, where poverty is the status quo, where families are destroyed, where crime is the old & the new norm, where violence is only silenced by more violence, the place where hopelessness is fostered, where desperation is born, where they live; have you been? this is the landscape, this is our battle field, this is our place of purpose.

the challenge

developing housing in urban areas is not a new challenge. however, developing quality workforce housing and including the members of the community in the decision making process has always been “the challenge”. typically the people that matter the most are leverage out of the deal early in the development timeline, and projects do not have the sustainable impact on communities as intended.

the solution

ufinc is the alternative to status quo housing developers. ufinc offers a more equitable solution to non-profit and faith-based organizations to develop quality workforce housing. we educate our partners on the development process, we analyze their financial objectives and social enterprise goals; then we create a comprehensive plan that is responsive to both. through this process we empower our partners to have a sustainable impact on their community.


noun / 1. to promote or improve growth through strategic investment in people and community

with every t-shirt purchased UFINC will support an ex-offender returning to the workforce.


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